Coordination Center for Women's Studies
Coordination Center for Women’s Studies was established February 2012 to conduct site -specific studies only women and developed a special working unit at the Sarıyer Municipality Cultural and Social Affairs.
The primary objective of the coordination center is to combat the discrimination suffered by women, protect women and children from violence and to be able to produce tailor-made solutions.
In the society we live in there are women and children’s families who are waiting for urgent solutions to their violence problem in their families. There is a huge responsibility to solve this problem to the local governments which are easily accessed by these families. Coordination Center for Women’s Studies has taken on the legal duty to make, as well as studies on violence against women aware of this responsibility and is committed to helping women's empowerment.
In the society we live in women does not only combat with violence, they also want to be represented equally in social and cultural fields and see equal treatment with men. Women are struggling to live economically dependent from men. 
Coordination Center for Women’s Studies developed several projects for women, town trips, training programs for teaching women to write and read. Also supported educations for mothers and expectant mothers. It also organizes awareness seminars open to the public on all women's issues. The solidarity network among women with established religion, race and economic class distinctions while serving, regardless of the woman accepts the man as an equal member of society and takes care of the female identity.