Disabled Children and Mother’s Support Center
The official opening of Disabled Children and Mother’s Support Center was in 1 December 2014.
Disabled Children and Mother’s Support Center’s Aims Are :
1)      They had delivered children safely and they feel confidence in themselves become an institution,
2)      We provide  daily care and  a loving approach with maximum level of love, to provide a comfortable environment,
3)      Supported on the development of a social and emotional skills to contribute to society easier compliance programs to provide,
4)      Versatile and development activities and to create a rich learning environment with instructors in various fields,
5)      To make children happy to be with us,
6)      At the end, there are mothers who have time for themselves, to increase the number of mothers who are happy with the happiness of the child.
Our Children’s Profile:
Our children are separeted in two groups.
Monday and Wednesday are the two days which we give most of them are service for our severe mental disablities and some of them has autism. There are disabled children from other groups. For example : blind or cerebral palsy.
Tuesday Thursday are the days for our children with children with the other disability types.  There are a small number of disabled children who has different disabilites. For exampels: hydrocephalus, celebral palsy, autism and severe mental disabilities.
·         Our children’s % 41 are girls and %59 are boys.
·         Our children’s ages is between 10 and 29.
·         Our children’s age is between 10 and 29.