Foreign Affairs

• Held meetings with the Mayor of Weilburg-Germany; Mr.Hans Peter Schick, the Mayor  of Aachen and the other relevant authorities.
 Visiting to the Vice Mayor of Rotterdam Holland; Mr. Hamit Akkuş and the  Feyenoord Municipality officials, the Unit presented its ideas to all.
 Interviewed with the General Consuls of Turkey, Köln, Frankfurt and Rotterdam.
 Had a conference with  the members of the European Parliament in Brussels, Mr.Ismail Ertug, Mr.Udo Bullman, Mr.Peter Simon and the Secretary General of the EU Committee of Regions, Mr.Gerard Stahl and the Turkish Desk of European Commission, Mr.Christos Makridis .
Meeting with the Vice Mayor, Mr. Michael Lavender and the member of Council, Mr.Ertan Hürel who are the representatives of Enfield Municipality of  London and also the Twintown State of Sariyer. The Mayor of Sarıyer gave an information about both the Sariyer Municipality and the Unit. The Unit representatives not only acted as an interpreter to a meeting but also gave informations about the cooperation.
 Had a meeting with the Tatarstan delegation in the office of the Mayor on 15th of January 2010. The Unit also reached a mutual understanding for their participating to the international events that will be hold in the future..
 The group who came to the district from Germany on 20 th of February 2010 was coordinated by the Unit.
 Applied for visa and did preliminary corrospondences for the delegation of Sariyer Municipality who would visit to Enfield Municipality of London.
 An english profile file that presented Sariyer was created.
 Sent an e-mail to the Hacmaz Municipality of Azerbaijan for both introducing the Unit to the new administration and recognizing the new members of the Municipality of Hacmaz by this way.
 Attended to the all day trip in Sariyer district, folk dance festival and dinner with EuroTurk that was the group came from Aachen from Germany on 16 th of April 2010.
 The profile file of Sariyer was prepared for the Egeon Municipality where is thought to be the Twin Town for the Sariyer Municipality and sent this file through Mr. Vasil Linardi.
 Accompanied to the field visiting and did the interpreter to the twenty-personed group of London University.
 Accompanied to the students came from Erasmus Rotterdam University from Netherlands.