About Us

The recognition of Turkey as a candidate for accession at the Helsinki European Council in December 1999 ushered a new era in the relations between Turkey and the EU. After all, the qualifications and the roles of the Municipalities started to change. Adaptation process to the European Union not only makes the Municipalities’ policies and services changed but also their institutional structures and functioning. Local governments responsible for the implementation of two thirds of EU policies, should make themselves ready for this new situation. In addition, coordination and projects for the solution of common problems despite different countries and conditions are another reason for local governments to develop foreign relations. The funds provided by the EU with this perspective, provide a good transforming opportunity to realise local potentials.
In this context, Sarıyer Municipality European Union and Foreign Affairs Unit, conducts its studies in affiliation with the Businesses and Affiliates Directorate.

The basic roles of the Unit in the Municipality are as follows;
• Conducting the relationships with the European Union and other international organisations and institutions,
• Coordination with foreign and other local governments, universities and non-governmental organisations (NGOs),
• Preparing and processing project applications for international and national funds,
• Carrying out activities that will increase the corporate capacity of the municipality and contribute to the development of the province.
In the EU and Foreign Affairs Unit, a coordinator, foreign affairs and protocol specialist and one assistant specialist work.