Ali Kethuda ( Sariyer)  Mosque 
Sariyer Mosque is  at Yenimahalle street . The mosque was built at the period of the Grand Vizier Mustafa Ali in the 17th century by Ali Efendi.
Ali Pasa Mosque: 
This mosque was built in Istinye beautifully Ali Pasha , who died in 1620. The mosque is made by wood. 
Cerrah Mahmut Efendi Mosque (Cayırbası):
The mosque is located in the nursery in Büyükdere. It was built in the 16th century. There is a fountain next to the mosque which is made by an Algerian Hasan Pasha. Mahmut Efendi's cemetery lies in a walled of the mosque. 
Emirgan Mosque
It is at the opposite of the pier Emirgan. 
Hamam Mosque (Ali Pertev ):  
Pertev Ali Bey mosque built by the Turkish admiral, was restored in 1763.
Baltalimanı Mosque: 
It is located in Baltalimanı.  Iıı.mustafa's wife and III. It was built by Sultan Selim's mother, who Mihrişah  It was built by III.Mustafa'nın wife and mother of III. Selim who is  Mihrisah sultan. 
Kireçburnu Mosque 
Kireçburnu is opposite the jetty and it is built in 1882 by Mehmet Bey. 
Iskele Mosque (Hacı Kemaleddin):
It is at Rumelihisar pier by Hadji Kemaleddin. 
Osman Reis Mosque: It is located in Yeniköy. Osman Reis is the first person who built the mosque. Then there was some changes at the mosque. At last it was rebuit in 1965. 
Reşit Paşa Mosque:  
It is in Resit Pasha. It was built in 1860 by  Mustafa Resit Pasha. 
Uskumru Köyü Mosque:
It is located in Uskumru  village. It's date of built is unknown. 
Valide Mosque (Rumeli Kavagı or Yusuf Aga):  
Hatice Turhan Sultan has made this mosque between 1682 and 1688 years. He built this mosque for his brother.
Zekeriye Köyü Mosque:  
It is located in Zekeriya village. It was built by Çelebi Müftü  in 16th. century.