Twinning City Relations

Twinning City Relations
Twinning City Relations with the local governments at home and abroad, are executed in accordance with Article 18 ‘Duties and Powers of the City Council’ and Article 74 ‘Foreign Affairs’ with the Municipal Law Number 5393 and dated 03.07.2005.

Article 18 ‘Duties and Powers of the City Council’ Number 5393 provides that City Council has been authorised and empowered to make decisions to establish unions with other local administrations, to affiliate or disaffiliate with already established unions; and to cooperate with the domestic and foreign municipalities and local administrative unions as per the prior permission obtained from the Ministry of Internal Affairs; to establish twinning city relations; to display activities and conduct projects in culture, art and sports in order to improve economic and social affairs; to construct and cause to be constructed buildings and premises and facilities of a similar nature in this context, and to make decisions to hire or allocate the same.

Article 74 ‘Foreign Affairs’ of Municipal Law Number 5393 provides that Municipality may, subject to the affirmative decision of the City Council, become the founder or member of international institutions and organisations that are engaged in its sphere of duties. Municipality may conduct joint works devise and develop service projects, or establish twinning city relations with such institutions, organisations and local administrations abroad.

In this context, Sariyer Municipality develops “Twinning City Relations” with local governments that display activities at home and abroad so as to cooperate in socio-cultural and economic spheres, and exchange information and experience in local government practices.

Twinning Cities to Sariyer Municipality;
• Municipality of VAC in Hungary,
• Enfield in England,
• Municipality of Beyarmudu in Cyprus,
• Municipality of Hacmaz in Azerbaijan,
Overseas Contacts of Sariyer Municipality in economy, tourism etc.;
• Weilburg in Germany,
• Russelsheim in Germany,
• Rotterdam in the Netherlands,
• Feyenoord in the Netherlands,
Potential international Twinning Cities/ Solution Partners with which Sariyer Municipality is in Contact;
• Aachen in Germany.