Zabrze Mayor and President of the High Silesia Mayor Council Malgorzata Manka-Szulik, Zabrze Municipality Sports and Tourism Department Dorota Kosinski, Zabrze Municipal Social Services and Youth Officer Ryszard Szulik Economic Council Chairman Gabriele Pudło - Chojnavk and Relations Officer Prof. Dr. Ryszard Bıaleckı attended the meeting presentation describing the socio-cultural and socio-economic structure of both cities was presented.
Monday, November 16, 2015

Where is Zabrze?

A city in the south of Poland. It is located in the industrial region of Upper Silesia. It is an important industrial and cultural center. One of the country's oldest mining settlement in Zabrze was first opened in 1790. Today, the city's economy, coal, coke, metal products, is based on the chemical and electrical energy production. A medical school in the city, there is a museum and a great stadium. 1742-1921 passed between the management of the Germans left the city later Prussia. II. She was badly damaged in World War II and was returned to Poland in 1945. Górnik Zabrze is the football team of the city. With over 200 thousand with a population of Zabrze in many projects in education and culture will be held.