Mayor Şükrü Genç has travelled to the city of Aachen on the 21st of August for talks to strenghten the evergrowing relations and cooperation between the two towns.
Tuesday, September 29, 2015
On the first day of his visit, Mayor Genç met his counterpart Mayor Marcel Philipp. He also visited Northern Ren Vestfalya Assembly President Carina Gödecke. She had been in İstanbul last October.   

During her visit, President Gödecke had expressed her fascination about the Sarıyer Municipality's projects like SAGEM (Youth Education Center) and told that she was very happy to see how important steps have been taken on the road to achieve a social local governance  
Mayor Şükrü Genç, on his return visit to President Gödecke, also stressed the importance of local governence on all aspects of life, and Sarıyer made its best to achieve this principle. After his three hour talks at the Parliament , Mayor Genç signed a memorial book of  Northern Ren Vestfalya in the President's office. 

Aachen gives full support to educational projects
On their third day of the visit, Mayor Şükrü Genç and his team visited the University of Berlin where they were met by Ord. Prof. Dr. Şahin Albayrak. He briefed the visiting delegation about the school's avtivities and especially on the laboratory named "The World in 2045", as well as the university's health and "smart school" projects. Mayor Genç expressed his fascination about the laboratory and briefed on Sarıyer Municipality's "Sarıyer Academy" project which is near completion. The two sides agreed on cooperating on the Sarıyer Acamy Project. Prof. Albayrak also offered help to Sarıyer Municipality on nearly 80 percent energy self sufficiency for the Academy building. 
Mayor Genç also met Turkish students of The University of Berlin, who are from the Middle East Technical University (ODTÜ) - Ankara.
Briefing to Regional Government Prime Minister Kolat

Mayor Genç met Berlin's regional Prime Minister and Labour and Integration Secretary Ms.Dilek Kolat, on his last day of the visit. He briefed minister Kolat about Sarıyer's SKEP Project (Sarıyer Development Action Plan)  During the visit, bridges between Aachen and Sarıyer were strenghtened and the two town's executives expressed their will to carry it further by working together.