Mayor Genç and his commitee attended to a series of meetings organized by SODEM, in the capital of Belgium.
Friday, October 02, 2015

Şükrü Genç, gave a speech about "Youth Unemployment" at the European Parliament. After, he made a presentation at the "Regions Committee", about broad vision about opportunities for cooperation. "Cities should meet talk and carry it even further for our success by transferring our experience to each other," he said. 

Turkey Works Committee Chairman Jean - Luc Van Es also attended the meeting which Şükrü Gernç speaked. He said: "We all know the ups and downs follow a course of relations between the European Union and Turkey. But the fact is that European Union, needs Turkey. As well as cooperation between the central government and local government cooperation and solidarity on both sides sharing the widely vision is very important. If you can exchange our mutual experience and success, we will be able to transfer our  better parts with each other, both at the local and general we have paved the way for better service to our people."  

Mayor Şükrü Genç, proposed to make a new workshop about  "on local partnerships and democratization" Their counterparts from the European Union, was reportedly taken note with interest the proposal.