We are introducing Sarıyer Youth to Europe. We are sending young citizens to EU countries voluntarily with European Voluntary Service project under the scope of National Agency's Action-2 Program, following the application of Sarıyer Municipality's Strategy Developing Directorate.
Wednesday, April 03, 2013

The project, which provides the volunteers with food, accommodation, language education, local transportation, insurance, personal care and a minor amount of allowance enables people between ages of 18-30 to act as a volunteer in a EU state for a term of 2-12 months. We intend to increase cooperation and tolerance between the young, to create an active citizenship awareness and mutual understanding.




Following accreditation of our organization in November 2012 as the Coordinator & Sending Organization; we will send 40 young citizens from Sarıyer under the scope of project. Also, young residents with disabilities will be granted an opportunity to stay in a EU member state voluntarily for a short term (2-8 weeks). Also, all expenses of the required caregiver will be compensated if the disabled  person is not in required condition to travel alone.




A volunteer will be selected from each neighborhood of Sarıyer to maintain representation. Key elements which will be considered when selecting our volunteers will be previous voluntary works, your perspective through life, your experiences, expectations and your possible contributions in the project.  As the project does not impose any foreign language requirement, our organization desires volunteers to have at least basic communication skills in English language for volunteers not to experience any difficulties abroad.




 We wish European Voluntary Service project to expand horizons of Sarıyer's young residents.




If you would like to participate in this project, you are required to follow the process below:


•    Read Action-2 program thoroughly from Turkish National Agency's web site.


•    Decide on the country you want to go; and the project you want to participate. You may utilize European Volunteer Project's database in this process.

•    Prepare your CV in Europass format together with your motivation letter. Then, you may send required documents to

ab@sariyer.bel.tr by e-mail.

•    Each year, there are three intervals for application to European Volunteer Project. It is crucial to observe these dates and submit required information and documents on time during application process.