We develop projects that will change the appearance of the city and help the citizens of Sarıyer to take a greater role in business and social life, and secure funding to support to these projects. We managed to secure funds for 8 of such projects.
Friday, January 25, 2013

We have set one of our major goals as making Sarıyer a global city while deciding our local administration approach. We have built our strategy on becoming a global city at each step we took and each project we developed. Under light of these goals, we established the European Union and Foreign Relations Unit. Aware of the pioneering role local administrations will play during the European Union harmonization period, we have adopted as our duty to create a world class European city that pioneers local development and sets an example of local democracy and governance at European standards with its institutional structure and policies.

We establish ties to other international institutions and organizations and develop projects in cooperation with other foreign and domestic local administrations within scope of our activities. Also, we develop projects to benefit from national and international funds to carry out activities for the benefit of our district and municipality. We continue to work uninterrupted in line with our goal of creating the world city Sarıyer.

We increase the welfare of Sarıyer and citizens of Sarıyer owing to the network of relation-ships we developed and each project we implement. I extend my special thanks to our Mayor Mr. Şükrü Genç, who leads the process with his vision, the hard working colleagues in the Unit, former European Parliament deputy Mr. Ozan Ceyhun, who is also a citizen of Sarıyer, for his assistance to our activities and also thank to the willing embassies of Sariyer living various parts of the world who encourage us.

All the best for Sarıyer, all the best for citizens of Sarıyer…

Seçkin Özdemir
Vice Mayor


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