Strategic Management Plan panel was co-organised by Sarıyer Municipality Strategy Development Directorate and Sarıyer City Council. Sukru Gen, Sarıyer Mayor and Chairman of Sarıyer City Council also attended the panel and Sezai Hazır, Honorary President of Youth Association for Habitat, Levent Koc and Ali Ercan Orgur, Strategic Planning Specialists made a presentation. Strategies to be followed for more liveable cities were discussed during the panel.
Friday, December 28, 2012
The panel was organised in Sarıyer Municipality Ferahevler Additional Service Building and managed by Kubra Kucukerden, General Secretary of Sarıyer City Council. Sukru Genc, Sarıyer Mayor and Sarıyer City Council President made an opening speech.

Starting his speech by underlining that a human oriented approach should be a major factor in local administrations, Genc pointed to the importance of determining the agenda based on the locality. ‘An agenda that is not derived from the public itself, a method that is not discussed with others is nothing by imposition.’ No application or practice with a lack of infrastructure will succeed. Life is a process. And what we need to do in this process is to let human beings involved in every part and stage of it, sort out problems together and bring decision mechanisms into force. Provided laws do not enable this, and then we need to create suitable environment and conditions for doing so.’ said Genc.

Importance of Local Actors and Stakeholders for solution
Expressing that it is wrong to think that local administration merely consists of municipality, but rather it is a complex structure that contains state institutions and organisations, as well as non-governmental organisations, Genc continued as follows: ‘We need to make sure everybody takes part in the process; consider local actors and stakeholders and seat the solution on that axis’.

Two Different Approaches in Municipalism
After Genc’s speech, Sezai Hazır, Honorary President of Youth Association for Habitat shared the first presentation of the panel with the participants. Referring to two kinds of municipalism, Hazır expressed that participatory-inclusive democracy and traditionist-populist democracy constituted two contrary sides. Referring to the structure and quality of the city councils, Hazır emphasised that the councils that set the best example for civil initiative are very important for correct communication between the people and the administration, and for the strategic planning of local administration. Hazır said that it is surprising that the city councils are known by only 4% of the society.

After Hazır, Levent Koc and Ali Ercan Orgur, Strategic Planning Specialists made their presentation. That contained and made references to social-economic maps and statistical data. Strategic planning methods of local administration were explained under headings such as importance of perception- identifying and managing perception correctly, incorporating components in the process and ensuring they take part in decision mechanisms, demand-complaint analysis, citizens’ service satisfaction survey, citizents’ reports.

Seckin Ozdemir and Recep Yel, Mayor Assistants of Sarıyer, and Hacı Mehmet Bayraktar, Member of Sarıyer Municipal Council, as well as some muktars and directors attended the panel; the council members and citizens asked questions to the panellists in the last session.